With so much experience manufacturing delicious shelled nuts and maintaining the highest quality roasting procedures, Mound City has been featured in a number of regional and national publications as an expert on NUTrition. Here are some recent articles where you can take the time to learn more about us!

Fox2now St. Louis : 2/10/17

Byron made an appearance on Fox2now and spoke to Kim Hudson about our delicious chocolate candy and chocolate covered strawberries.

He also pointed out that there is no better way to say, "Honey, I am NUTS about you!" than with a big box of Mound City's gourmet nuts.

FOX2now St. Louis: 12/20/16

Owner Byron Smyrniotis stopped by Fox2now to visit with Kim Hudson and talk about all that is going on during the holidays at Mound City!

Byron pointed out that it is no coincidence that NUTrition starts with NUT. He also mentioned that Mound City is celebrating 100 years in 2017.

FOX2now St. Louis: 9/13/16

Byron and Stacy from Mound City Nuts joined us on the 9 a.m. to discuss National Peanut Day!

Their company has been roasting St. Louis’ finest nuts for almost a century. They maintain quality by keeping their nuts and freshly ground butters all-natural and always roasting to order.

Paste Magazine: 9/11/15

“You can’t just pick a cashew off a tree and eat it. Actually, the cashew doesn’t even grow directly from the tree; what we call a nut is actually a seed that sprouts from the ‘apple’ of the cashew tree. While most seeds have fruit to protect them, cashew nuts grow from the bottom of the cashew apple and are protected by an outer shell."

FOX2now St. Louis: 8/13/15

You can pack a lunch with butters from Mound City Shelled Nut Company for National Picnic Month.

Mound City president Byron Smyrniotis brought peanut and almond butters to show us how to dress up the perfect sandwich and how to pack the perfect picnic.

Feast Magazine: 7/24/15

The newest product from Mound City Shelled Nut Company is an almond butter, a rich and flavorful treat so tasty you won’t believe it’s good for you.

This almond butter isn’t a bit wimpy. It’s good-looking, too, with a nice mix of light and dark bits visible through the simple packaging.

St. Louis SBM: 4/29/15

What is your mission?
Mound City’s mission is to saturate the St. Louis market with high-quality nuts and all-natural, pure nut butter. Nuts are easy, tasty treats that can help prevent diseases and maintain a healthy heart.

What was your first job?

Daily Dish Magazine: 4/14/15

Mound City’s pecans contain NO trans-fat, cholesterol or sodium, so sprinkle them on your breakfast cereal, add them to your favorite muffin recipe or grab a handful today!

National Pecan Day Recipes: Pecan Recipe Collection

FOX2now St. Louis: 3/9/15

The Mound City Shelled Nut Company celebrated National Peanut Month and National Nutrition Month on the 9AM Show. Owners Byron and Stacy Smyrniotis added another reason for Kim to celebrate, chocolate. They showed off their famous chocolate nut clusters, and made the tasty dessert from scratch.

FOX2now St. Louis: 12/19/14

Mound City offers every type of nut and packaging to make them all look great for holiday gifts. Byron and Stacy Smyrniotis and their team also make their own fresh peanut butter one pound at a time.

They also made hand-dipped chocolates in honor of their Greek heritage and Byron's mom, Helen.